Consultancy and Energy Audit/Efficiency

Consultancy Services On Solar Power Installation and Wind Power

Profit and Comfort Energy Ltd. is a world-class company with an aspiration to becoming the best integrated energy business in the world. We offer a complete solar/Wind consultancy services to support your Solar/Wind project from inception to delivery.

We work with you on post-planning feasibility studies, project management, design of  Solar/Wind monitoring systems, civil works planning, electrical grid connection and many more.

Our Solar/Wind Consultancy services includes:

1. Complete solar consultancy studies

2. We work with you to provide you with a Solar/Wind resource assessment

3. We work towards gaining grid connection acceptance

4. We fill in your planning application forms (if required)

5. We negotiate your energy supply contracts (if required)

6. We provide a complete engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of your Solar System and Wind Power.

7. Our Solar/Wind Consultancy investigate your Power Purchase Agreements

8. We make sure that you have a clear operation and maintenance contract in place (if required)

9. Contact us on +2348033622650 for more information or for special requirements.

If you have a Solar system and Wind power requirement and are in need for a Solar/Wind consultancy, then we can provide you with a Solar and Wind feasibility study for new constructions and for existing buildings; residential, commercial, and also institutional.

We also service all makes of Solar systems and Wind power. We will be happy to act as your technical advisory team for both your Solar and Wind project.

Consultancy Services On Biomass Energy

Biomass energy is some renewable organic materials, such as wood, agricultural crops or wastes, and municipal wastes, especially when used as a source of fuel or energy. Biomass can be burned directly or processed into biofuels such as bio ethanol and methane. Biomass is certainly a renewable feedstock, and it is certainly used to produce renewable energy, like bio ethanol.

Profit and Comfort Energy Ltd Consultancy Group provides services for a range of private and public clients. By developing and implementing various bio-energy projects PROCOM contributes directly to an increasing role of bio-energy in the energy supply of the future.

Our Biomass Energy Consultancy offer for your Installation

1. Due diligence and economic appraisal of proposed or existing biomass projects taking into account factors such as project design and construction, contracts, technology selection, energy yields, market analysis, grid connection and planning analysis.

2. Project development support. PROCOM has a wide range of relevant in house capabilities such as market analysis, planning and EIA support, compliance, process engineering, construction and design support.

3. Development of project outline and initial feasibility assessments. It is essential to establish at an early stage the main drivers and potential constraints that could impact on the project.

4. Specification, tendering, installation and supervision services. PROCOM is able provide full support to clients during the design, development, procurement and construction stages of a biomass scheme.


A home Energy Efficiency Audit, also known as a home energy assessment, this activity help you understand the whole picture of your home's energy use. An audit can help you determine how much energy your home uses, where your home is losing energy, and which problem areas and fixes you should prioritize to make your home more efficient and comfortable. A home energy audit should be your first step before making energy-saving home improvements, as well as before adding a renewable energy system to your home.

Profit and Comfort Energy Ltd. provide a thorough assessment of your home's energy use. In addition to a room-by-room examination of the home, we are teamed up with reputable companies with global reach to provide state of the art technology that meets the need of our targeted consumers, we also assure you of great value for money.

While a we provide the most complete picture of your home's energy use, a diligent self-assessment can help you pinpoint problem areas and prioritize your energy efficiency upgrades (Renewable Energy).