About Backup Energy

Backup power (also known as emergency power system) is an independent source of electrical power that supports important electrical systems on loss of normal power supply. This can be a standby generator, deep-cycle battery systems, fuel cells and other equipment/apparatus.

This source of power can be exceedingly useful in hospitals, homes, scientific laboratories, data centers, telecommunication equipment even ships.

Backup power is urgently needed during emergencies for medical services. Patient’s lives could be at risk if power is not available for operating rooms; medicine refrigeration and life support systems. This can be vital to protecting life and property from the consequences of loss of primary electric power supply.

Other usefulness is in the emergency lighting, communications, water purification and vital electrical installations. Most firms use diesel power generators. However, this power source can be heavy, noisy (especially in hospitals); it is also non-renewable and pollutes the environment.

P&C Energy offers affordable Solar/Wind solution; clean, durable, sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions, powered by Solar or Wind Energy.

We are well experienced in the business having delivered numerous projects to clients such as: National Mathematics Centre Abuja, Nisa Premier Hospital, Abuja, Sokoto State Government, The Nigerian Police Force, home owners, schools and plethora of private clients.

We have also delivered sustainable solutions to communication firms including base transceiver station nationwide. In short, we are a big player in the game with vast experiences.

We have managed projects of wide scales: 7.5KVA, 30KVA, 50KVA, etc.

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